Virtual Court

Your Scheduled Court Date:

  • All cases scheduled for in person hearings are being reset for remote / virtual appearances. The scheduled virtual appearances are not optional and neglecting to appear will have the same consequences as not appearing at an in-person court hearing.
  • Alternatively, options for handling a citation prior to your court date can be found here on the Court's website.  If you do not have the ability to attend remotely, please contact the municipal court for more information on your options by phone 281-334-0697 or by email at

Eligibility for Virtual Court Appearance 

Attending a virtual court appearance allows the defendant to:

  • Enter a plea of no contest or guilty. Defendants who plea guilty or no contest via the Virtual Court Appearance have the same opportunities for payment plans, compliance dismissals, drivers safety course or deferred disposition.
  • Enter a plea of not guilty and request trial by Judge or trial by Jury. Notice of your scheduled trial date will be sent to you for a later date to be determined by the court.
  • Request an extension of the due date on a payment plan. 
  • Seek resolution of outstanding Clear Lake Shores warrants.

Requirements to Appear via Virtual Court (Zoom)

  • A device capable of accessing a internet connection (PC, MAC, Smart Phone, Tablet, etc.)
  • A fast and stable internet connection.
  • A webcam attached to your PC or a built-in camera device that will allow the Judge to see you during the video conference. 
  • A microphone connected or a built-in mic that will allow you to talk to the Judge and your device must also have speakers attached or built-in that will allow you to hear what the Judge is saying to you.
  • A working email address; you may need to email images or documents for the Judge's review.
  • You will be required to provide the Court with a working email address and phone number to ensure future successful contact with the Court.