Short Term Rentals

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Short term rentals units are subject to inspection prior to issuance of a short-term rental operation permit. The inspection will include compliance with the 2018 Life Safety Code, 2018 International Fire Code, International Residential Code, and all applicable City of Clear Lake Shores Code of Ordinances. 

Click here to download the Short Term Rental Application Form

Please fill out and return application form to the Building Department at City Hall, 1006 South Shore Drive Clear Lake Shores, TX 77565. 

You can also submit the application via email to Assistant City Secretary at Click here to download  fillable form.

For additional information and to schedule an inspection, please contact the Building Department at 218-334-2799 Ext. 208.

Short Term Rentals in CLS

Business Name Address Contact Phone Exp. Date
Private bungalow in paradise 707 Narcissus Craig Ward 281-300-3541 03/30/2022
Clear Lake Island Retreat 523 West Shore Katherine Chalfant 432-553-8946 03/23/2022
Kemah Island Cottage 310 East Shore Dr Patricia Stewart 713-585-6913 04/28/2022
Flamingo Island House 660 Pine Rd Angela Lester 870-866-5790 05/07/2022
(No name) 525 Pine Rd Paige Pitonyak 832-488-6978 07/14/2022
(No name) 223 Clear Lake Rd Paige Pitonyak 832-488-6978 07/14/2022
(No name) 1140 Marina Bay Dr. #101 Paige Pitonyak 832-488-6978 07/14/2022
(No name) 900 Juniper Rd Amanda Wilson 832-661-2207 06/21/2022
(No name) 511 East Shore Rd. Don Taylor 281-455-9804  
Born Again Rentals 1008 Aspen Rd. Zandra Jones 281-763-7774