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City of Clear Lake Shores celebrates its 60th anniversary!

LOGO FOR STATEMENTOn December 13, 1962, the City of Clear Lake Shores was officially incorporated with a reported population of 671 residents. Six decades later, our city has become the home of a strong, thriving, and vibrant community with more than 1,200 residents and over 90 businesses enjoying this slice of paradise. With more boat slips than people, the Yachting Capital of Texas is proud to celebrate 60 years of gorgeous sunsets.

To honor Clear Lake Shores’ 60th anniversary, we would like to invite all of our residents, businesses, and visitors to commemorate six decades of history and accomplishments with us!

Throughout the year, the City will share a series of portraits and audiovisual material featuring the City’s history, stories of residents, accomplishments, and other unique anecdotes that have made Clear Lake Shores the best place to raise a family, do business and play.

Additionally, the Clear Lake Shores Civic Club will host two major events to celebrate this important milestone with our residents. 

On Saturday, April 30, 2022, all of our residents are invited to attend the “60th Anniversary Picnic at Jarboe.” During this 1962 throwback theme event, families will enjoy dancing, delicious food, fun activities for the kids, and unique trivia contests. Also, to continue with our parade tradition, the City is planning a 1960’s car parade followed by a car show. 

On Thursday, December 8, 2022, the Civic Club will wrap up the celebrations by hosting the “60th Anniversary Gala” at the South Shore Resort & Conference Center. Attendees will be able to enjoy this formal event with a three-course meal, music, dancing, and audiovisual material featuring 60 years of history. Tickets will be available for sale in spring, 2022. (This will be an adult-only event).

Many of our celebration activities will include 60th anniversary swag that will be given away to the residents of Clear Lake Shores.  Also, residents and visitors can purchase branded material online through the Civic Club’s website. Our 60th anniversary logo will be featured in all our branded material such as t-shirts, coffee cups, wine glasses, calendars, and more! These sales will be used to fund the upcoming celebrations organized by the Clear Lake Shores Civic Club.

The 60th Anniversary Committee is planning more surprises that will be announced throughout the year on our website and social media outlets. If you want to learn more about our 60th anniversary upcoming activities, please follow the City of Clear Lake Shores on Facebook and Instagram @CityofCLS. You can also stay connected with the Clear Lake Shores Civic Club by following their Facebook page @ClearLakeShoresCivicClub.

“Clear Lake Shores’ 60th anniversary is a time to honor our history, be grateful for our present, and set goals to preserve what we treasure about CLS while we continue to grow,” Mayor Otten said. “It is no secret that our city has the best spots to watch the sunset, go fishing, launch your boat, enjoy a golf cart ride, and experience a unique way of living. Let’s celebrate six decades together!”

Happy 60th birthday CLS! 


60th Anniversary Committee

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