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Posted on: March 8, 2022

This week is Severe Weather Awareness Week!


US National Weather Service Houston-Galveston Texas will be kicking off the NWS Spring Weather Safety Campaign with a Severe Weather Awareness Week from March 7th to 11th, 2022.  During this week, NWS Houston/Galveston will send out safety information each day for a hazard we might encounter during the spring months including extreme heat, thunderstorms, tornadoes, flooding and beach safety. 

Severe Weather Awareness Week - Day One

On day one of Severe Weather Awareness Week, we’re going to talk about heat safety.  Did you know that heat is one of the leading causes of weather related deaths and heat-related illnesses in the United States?  Temperatures will be on the increase over the next several months. Protect yourself during extreme heat and stay cool! To learn more about heat safety please visit:

Severe Weather Awareness Week - Day Two

Day two of severe weather awareness week is focused on thunderstorms, including lightning, hail and wind. A thunderstorm is considered severe when it produces one or more of the following: hail at least 1 inch in diameter (quarter-sized hail or greater), wind gusts of at least 58 miles per hour. 


  • Thunderstorms don't have to be severe to produce lightning.
  • Heavy rain from thunderstorms can cause flash flooding.
  • High wind or extreme winds can also cause widespread damage.
  • Thunderstorms are sometimes underestimated as a serious weather threat, but they can be deadly. Strong winds can turn tree branches and ordinary loose objects into dangerous projectiles — help your community stay safe by trimming trees and picking up loose items.
  • Learn more about thunderstorm safety at:

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