Do you need to find out about the Island Golf Cart Rules?

  • Persons who operate a golf cart within Clear Lake Shores must hold a valid Texas Drivers's License. Children 16 years or younger are allowed to drive a cart ONLY if they have a DRIVERS LEARNING PERMIT and are accompanied by a licensed passenger of proper age.
  • A "slow moving" emblem or hazard triangle must be attached and visible to the rear of the cart.
  • Open containers of alcohol are NOT permitted on golf carts.
  • You must follow all Texas traffic laws as golf carts are considered moving vehicles. This includes stop signs, yield signs. traffic lights, pedestrians, stopped school buses, and DWI/DUI laws.
  • You may cross over FM 2094 in your golf cart, however it is not legal to drive on the roadway itself as the speed limit is over 35 mph on this roadway.
  • Just like an automobile, your golf carts must be equipped with operable headlights, taillights, blinkers, mirrors, and a parking break.

        For more information and all of the rules regarding the use of Golf Carts, you can contact the Clear Lake Shores Police Department.

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1. Do you need to find out about the Island Golf Cart Rules?
2. May a golf cart be driven on a city street?